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February 2017 Specials

10% Off on Art Glass Water Pipes and Hand Blown Pipes. 30% Off on Evo Single, Double, and Triple Percs

It’s true what they say; all you need is love! This month we’re showing you our love by throwing some dope deals your way-- take advantage of 10% off of art glass water pipes, 10% off of handblown glass, and an epic 30% off of all single, double, and triple percolator Evo water pipes. But just in case you need a little extra help in the romance department, we’re also giving you a HUGE enhancement of our usual deals; 20% off of all jewelry from February 4th to the 14th!




January 2017 Specials

10% Off on CBD Products, E-Cigs, Mods, and E-Liquids. 20% Off on Evo Single, Double, and Triple Percs

It’s a new year and that means a fresh start at your goals. This month at Infinity’s End we’re helping you with your new year’s resolutions by giving you 10% off on all Electronic Cigarettes and E-liquids, and 10% off of all CBD products and for the many of you who are already perfect we’re giving you 20% off of EVO brand turbine and honeycomb water pipes. So, stop by your local Infinity’s End and reward yourself for surviving the cyclone that was 2016.





December 2016 Specials

10% Off on Soft Glass Water Pipes, T-Shirts, and 20% Off on Evo Water Pipes

The holiday season is officially here! Your friends at Infinity’s End have some special deals for you to make this season a happy one – we’re giving you guys 10% off Tee Shirts, 10% off Soft Glass Water Pipes, and a whopping 20% off of some EVO brand waffle and turbine perc water pipes. In case all that wasn’t enough, December 3rd through the 10th get a $10 gift certificate with any qualifying purchase of $50 or more! Yes, you read that right, get paid to get all your gifts at Infinity’s End! And don’t forget we also offer gift cards! Make sure to reward yourself for all your selfless gift giving at our biggest sale of the year – the Day After Christmas Sale. We’re giving you 30% off storewide (excluding tobacco and sale merchandise) on December the 26th. A great time to use your Infinity’s End gift cards!

November 2016 Specials

10% Off on Helix Glass, Hand Blown Glass Pipes, and Bajas

This month at Infinity’s End we’re ready to help you welcome the cold and keep you nice and toasty with 10% off of all U.S hand-blown pipes, 10% off some dope Helix pipes, and  10% off of all Baja’s. It’s that time again, dudes. The holidays are fast approaching and again Infinity’s End is here to help with our Bohemian Black Friday Sale.  You can go ahead and cross some gifts off your list early this year ‘cause we’re giving Black Friday a Bohemian make-over on the 25th  with 20% off storewide! 





October 2016 Specials

10% Halloween Hats, Raw Stones, Tarot Cards, and Pendulums and 20% Off Son Of Chronic Water Pipes

Get into the spooktacular spirit this month with 10% off of all your new age needs – tarot cards, pendulums, and gemstones and 10% off.  All Halloween Hats are 10% off to finish off your awesome costume! To make this month extra special, we’re offering 20% off of all Son of Chronic brand water pipes.






September 2016 Specials

10% Off Disc Golf, Disc Golf Accessories, and Grinders and 20% Off Medicali Glass

We’re in the final stride of summer and so far we’ve all survived this insane summer heat - but mother nature is about to turn up for the finale! It’s officially August and Charlotte is about to get lit for Pride in perfect timing for a last hurrah before it’s time to go…BACK TO SCHOOL! Not to fear though, Infinity’s End has your back. We’re giving everyone a break with 10% off women’s clothing, 10% off bags and backpacks, 10% off tapestries and posters, and an extra deal - 20% off all Flow brand glass! So, get yourself the perfect outfit for Pride, a sick new waterpipe, and decorate your new digs at the same time! Cover all your bases this month and stop by your local Infinity’s End!



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