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Martian Bubbler and Pen Simple Grinder

If you’re looking for something cool and modern--the Martian bubbler offers a wild twist on a classic! Hook this baby up to your favorite blunt or cigarette for some water filtered smoking magic! This blunt bubbler is spill resistant and features a pendant hook that allows for the best on-the-go experience!


At Infinity’s End, we get really excited about all things convenient and lazy-friendly. The PenSimple grinder pen takes all of the work out of grinding and distributing your herbs.The tedious grinding and pinching herbs will be a thing of the past! This simple pen grinder, helps you shred your herbs, store them, and evenly distributes them with accuracy! It’s no wonder that this baby is the “Ultimate Grinder”

Micro Vaped FOB and Rip N Go

For the ultimate in low-key vaping, the Micro Vaped FOB Vaporizer is impossible to beat. This high tech herbal vape disguised as a key FOB is a model of discretion. Featuring an impressive 6 heat settings, a convenient magnetic chamber lid, and a stainless steel herb chamber is the perfect option for any prudent smoker.

FOB by Vaped  $99.99

By this point, we all know that the innovators at #thisthingrips know what they’re doing when it comes to concentrate convenience. In addition to their traditional products, we’re now carrying their awesome Torches that offer a lifetime warranty (WHOA!). These aren’t just dependable but they’ll look sleek as hell next to all of your other #thisthingrips swag. 

Rip N Go $24.99 

This Thing Rips Torches starting at $21.99 All of them come with a lifetime warranty!

Remix Wax Vape by Thing Thing Rips

We, at Infinity’s End, love all of the #ThisThingRips wax pens but this new release, the ReMix, tops the bill! Using their signature low heat calibration and quad airflow technology, the ReMix features an innovative coil-less, ceramic, double wall thermal cup that promises dank rips every time.

Priced at  $87.10





Tsunami High Wave

Your trusty Infinity’s End staff members have a new recommendation for you! This revolutionary wax vaporizer actually uses water filtration paired with a low temp ceramic plate atomizer to produce the coolest and tastiest vapor imaginable! So, if you’re looking for a product that delivers robust and delicious flavor, stop by and check out this cool vape!

Priced at $99.99





DaVinci IQ

Yet again, your trustee Infinity’s End staff has your best interest in mind. This month, the Davinci IQ flower vaporizer has peaked our interest with its high tech functionality and appearance. The IQ produces pure tasty vapor and features new “smart path” technology as well as a precision mode, a boost mode, and an optional smart phone app - all enabling the user to fully customize every single session. This awe-inspiring vape is perfectly functional and beautiful with a promising 10 year warranty, a brushed finish, and 100% ceramic zerconia components. All of these make this portable vape a spectacular choice for any smoker. So, stop by your local Infinity’s End to ask one of our awesome staff members about their new favorite flower vaporizer.

Priced at $274.99

Roztek Extraction Press

Your local Infinity’s End staff has done you yet another favor by recommending the RozTek Equinox Press! This first-rate extraction tool makes it easy for you to extract your own quality botanical concentrates. With a quick heat up of only 30 seconds, you can make your own high-quality extracts in no time and with the least amount of effort possible.


Price: $69.99




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