Infinity's End Bus

For the ultimate in low-key vaping, the Micro Vaped FOB Vaporizer is impossible to beat. This high tech herbal vape disguised as a key FOB is a model of discretion. Featuring an impressive 6 heat settings, a convenient magnetic chamber lid, and a stainless steel herb chamber is the perfect option for any prudent smoker.

FOB by Vaped  $99.99

By this point, we all know that the innovators at #thisthingrips know what they’re doing when it comes to concentrate convenience. In addition to their traditional products, we’re now carrying their awesome Torches that offer a lifetime warranty (WHOA!). These aren’t just dependable but they’ll look sleek as hell next to all of your other #thisthingrips swag. 

Rip N Go $24.99 

This Thing Rips Torches starting at $21.99 All of them come with a lifetime warranty!

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