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We’re now carrying a wide variety of CBD products for your every need from brands like Holy Grail, Organabus, Charlotte’s Web, and our staff pick Green Roads.


Green Roads CBD Edibles are a yummy herbal supplement available in a variety of flavors and forms. These sweet little morsels offer a taste of relaxation and calm in the midst of our crazy world. Available in 30mg lollipops, 30mg Jollie Ranchers and 60mg Gummie Bears containing 5mg of melatonin to take the edge off after a long day. Stop by your local Infinity’s End and ask one of our knowledgeable associates about which CBD product would be best for your needs.

Kandypens Gravity

This month our helpful staff would like to introduce you to KandyPens incredible new wax pen, the Gravity. This pen is based off of the original award winning Puffco design with a few extra twists. This sleek sandblasted textured pen features all of the hottest qualities including a choice of heating element – the kit comes with both the dual-quartz rod atomizer and the coil-less ceramic plate so you can really customize it to your needs. So, whether you like the pure taste of a quartz rip or the efficiency and smoothness of the ceramic you’ll be over the moon with this Kandy Pen kit. As an added bonus KandyPens has included 4 heat settings to choose from and clog resistant air flow technology. Check out this perfect new kit today!


Black Mamba

This month your trusty Infinity’s End staff wants to help your sex life. Black Mamba 7k promises 7 days of maximum power sexual stimulation. This naturally formulated supplement is geared towards giving your snake some serious bite. Mamba boasts an unbelievable rise in male performance, and size as well as breathtaking climaxes and an increase in control. Tame your snake this week with just one dose of Black Mamba 7k.

If you like Black Mamba you can also check out Mamba is Hero – this triple maximum strength formula is as close as you can get to prescription strength male enhancement. Meant to take snake charming to a whole new level.



Evol Vap Ape

Just in case you haven’t already fallen for Vape Ape wax pens this month our expert staff wants to show you the Evol Vape Ape Vac Kit. This recently updated pen features a new dual quartz heating element and adjustable temperature battery that makes wax pen perfect for today’s evolved vaper. With no wicks to dilute the natural flavor of your concentrate you get the most authentic taste and quality rips from this incredible pen. As an added bonus this pen kit includes a new smell proof vaccum sealed Evol-Vac container, a silicone tipped tool, a silicone mat and container! You really get the complete set up with this Vape Ape masterpiece!

Evol Vape Ape $84.99


Vapium Summit Weekender Edition

This month your friendly Infinity’s End staff has recommended the Vapium Summit Weekender Edition. This excellent portable vaporizer is perfect for the active smoker. Not only is this vape known for its durability –able to withstand extreme conditions and splash resistant- but it also comes with its own Solar Charger! In case you’re wondering, you can use this on most any device that uses a USB connection. The Summit Weekender Edition can also be paired with a smartphone to control temperature, session time, and boost mode. If you’re looking for a quality vaporizer to suit your active lifestyle this spring the Vapium Summit Weekender is a brilliant choice. So, take advantage of this beautiful weather and get out there with this reliable vaporizer.

Vapium Summit Weekender Edition $169.99


The Gravitron

The Gravitron

Tried and True the Gravitron Gravity Smoking System made by our friends at GravLabs offers you the gravity pipe made by professionals for pro smokers, meant to supply the heaviest of hits and biggest “wow” factor of them all. This all glass gravity pipe uses some ill science to give you the super thick efficient smoke you never knew you wanted.








Gravitron from Grav Labs from Grav Labs on Vimeo.

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