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50% Off on Sheldon Black and HBG waterpipes and rigs!


Close Outs Vapes- We have priced these to sell so come and get some while supplies last!


Dry Vapes: Loki Touch

Wax Vapes: Wulf Mod Type B 



Yocan Magneto Wax Vape

New this month at Infinity’s End is the dope Yocan Magneto vape. Yocan has been a premier company for innovative wax pens, these guys know what they’re doing! This wax pen offers a unique ceramic coil design, magnetic connections, and some hella cool built in tools like a built in silicone container and a built in tool! This pen is entirely self contained which makes it the perfect choice for any on-the-go-smoker or convenience connoisseur!

Priced at $84.99




Martian Bubbler and Pen Simple Grinder

If you’re looking for something cool and modern--the Martian bubbler offers a wild twist on a classic! Hook this baby up to your favorite blunt or cigarette for some water filtered smoking magic! This blunt bubbler is spill resistant and features a pendant hook that allows for the best on-the-go experience!


At Infinity’s End, we get really excited about all things convenient and lazy-friendly. The PenSimple grinder pen takes all of the work out of grinding and distributing your herbs.The tedious grinding and pinching herbs will be a thing of the past! This simple pen grinder, helps you shred your herbs, store them, and evenly distributes them with accuracy! It’s no wonder that this baby is the “Ultimate Grinder”

August 2017 Specials

 20% OFF on EZ and Diamond Grinders

10% OFF on Tapestries, Posters, Bags, and Backpacks

It’s time to think about something that’s both exciting and mildly painful --- BACK TO SCHOOL! Our specials this month are geared towards your back to school gear! 10% off of all Tapestries and Posters to amp up your decor, 10% off of all Bags and Backpacks to keep your swag in, and 20% off our best selling grinder brands - EZ Grind and Diamond Grinders - for getting you back in the grind.






July 2017 Specials


10% Off on all CBD products and Disc Golf

We’re in the heat of summer and it’s time to celebrate freedom! For the whole month of July, your favorite Charlotte smoke shop, is giving you 10% off of all Disc Golf, 10% off of our ever-expanding CBD collection, and an amazing 25% off of ANY waterpipe or rig - yeah, that’s right, ANY waterpipe or rig for the whole month of July! (Excludes sale items)






Micro Vaped FOB and Rip N Go

For the ultimate in low-key vaping, the Micro Vaped FOB Vaporizer is impossible to beat. This high tech herbal vape disguised as a key FOB is a model of discretion. Featuring an impressive 6 heat settings, a convenient magnetic chamber lid, and a stainless steel herb chamber is the perfect option for any prudent smoker.

FOB by Vaped  $99.99

By this point, we all know that the innovators at #thisthingrips know what they’re doing when it comes to concentrate convenience. In addition to their traditional products, we’re now carrying their awesome Torches that offer a lifetime warranty (WHOA!). These aren’t just dependable but they’ll look sleek as hell next to all of your other #thisthingrips swag. 

Rip N Go $24.99 

This Thing Rips Torches starting at $21.99 All of them come with a lifetime warranty!

V2 Pro Series 7 - 3 in 1 and Grindhouse Shift

As usual, your trustee Infinity’s End staff won’t steer your wrong with these awesome products!

First up is the Grindhouse Shift 3 in 1 vaporizer. This tiny, 3” tall, vaporizer packs a punch! Fill this baby up with your dried herbs, waxy concentrates, oily concentrates and use its adjustable temperature to vape with ultimate customization. Introducing, peak performance in the palm of your hand.

This just in, the V2 Pro Series 3 in 1 vaporizer! This small but mighty pen offers significant battery life and it is seriously portable. This handy little pen offers an attachment for every material you could ever want! This portable vape kit includes one e-liquid cartridge but can easily be adapted with a separate concentrate attachment or flower cartridge.

June 2017 Specials

Buy one production hand pipe and get the second one of equal or lesser value for ½ price!


10% Women’s Costume and Sterling Silver Jewelry, Smelly Proof Bags, and Tight Vacs

The weather’s hot and so are the deals this month at your local Infinity’s End. For the first month of summer we’re giving you 10% off of women’s sterling and costume jewelry, 10% off of smelly proof bags and 10% off of Tight Vacs for your warm weather adventures and a crazy deal of buy one get one 50% off production hand pipes so you can have one for home and one for your vacay!






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