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February Specials

10% Off all Jewelry, Vaporizers, and HBG Water Pipes

Don’t drop the ball this Valentine’s day! Come by Infinity’s End to take advantage of 10% off on Jewelry for her, Vaporizers for him, and some sick HBG water pipes for both of you! As if that wasn’t enough- We’re showing you our love by cranking up the discounts to 20% from February 12th through the 14th. So, go ahead! Wait until the last minute to show your lover that you care! Cause here at Infinity’s End, we’ve got you and your special someone covered—or uncovered if that’s what you’re into.

For her Jewelry

For him Vaporizers

For you both HBG Water Pipes

January Specials

10% Off all E-Cigs and Liquids, Women's Winter Clothing, and Acrylic Water Pipes

Happy New Year everyone!  Are you ready to give up those bad habits? This month at Infinity’s End we have everything you need to keep up with your New Year’s goals. With 10% off of all Electronic Cigarettes and Liquids, Women’s Winter Clothing, and Acrylic Waterpipes you can find everything you need to become your best self. Whether you’re trying to trim your waistline, quit smoking for good, or even if you’re already perfect and just need a durable smoking accessory--- at Infinity’s End, we’ve got you covered. Don’t get blindsided next year by your forgotten New Year’s resolutions. Come and see us this month at Infinity’s End.



December Specials

Every year there comes a time when we must put aside our needs and focus our energies on giving...The holidays are upon us! But forget “putting your needs aside” because this month at Infinity’s End we’re offering deals on Glassware, T-Shirts, and Soft Glass Water pipes so that while you’re out shopping for the perfect something for your friends and family—you can just happen to find a great deal on something for yourself!

 10% Off all T-Shirts, Glass Wares, and Soft Glass

November Specials

November is upon us.  The weather is changing and you will need a new baja soon.  How about a nice new hookah to warm your lungs? E-Cigs are also on special this month!

 10% Off all E cigs and E liquids, Hookahs, and Bajas

October Specials

It's October and fall is upon us. Hope you had a great summer. We have some Special Deals on T-Shirts, Disc Golf, Posters, and Tapestries to help you get comfortable in your new digs for the school year :)

 10% Off all T-Shirts, Disc Golf, Posters, and Tapestries

August Specials

It's August and school is just around the corner.  Come on in and grab all your essential back to school gear!  Infinity's End is running the following specials til the end of August!

20% Off all Flow Glass

 10% Off all Backpacks, Bags, Posters, and Tapestries

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