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June 2016 Specials

10% Off T-Shirts, Grav Labs, and Wood Pipes

It’s officially time to lay back and relax ‘cause it’s summertime and the livin’ is easy. What else is going to be easy? Father’s Day! This month at Infinity’s End we’re helping you out with 10% off of all wood pipes for the old fashioned guy in your life, 10% off of all GravLabs brand glass, and 10% off of all T-shirts for the music lover…We’re positive he’ll be GRATEFUL for his new Dead shirt! Head on down to your local Infinity’s End and give the cool dad in your life the gift he deserves at a price you’ll love.




Evol Vap Ape

Just in case you haven’t already fallen for Vape Ape wax pens this month our expert staff wants to show you the Evol Vape Ape Vac Kit. This recently updated pen features a new dual quartz heating element and adjustable temperature battery that makes wax pen perfect for today’s evolved vaper. With no wicks to dilute the natural flavor of your concentrate you get the most authentic taste and quality rips from this incredible pen. As an added bonus this pen kit includes a new smell proof vaccum sealed Evol-Vac container, a silicone tipped tool, a silicone mat and container! You really get the complete set up with this Vape Ape masterpiece!

Evol Vape Ape $84.99


May 2016 Specials

10% Off Women's Clothing, Costume and Sterling Silver Jewelry, and Pulse Glass

Spring is officially here! With our favorite smoker holiday behind us, it’s time to enthusiastically dive into springtime:  flowers, pastel colors, warm weather, short-shorts, and days by the pool. Before we get into that; one of the first orders of business is mom’s favorite holiday, Mother’s Day! For the month of May we’ll be making Mother’s day easy for you with 10% off of all Women’s clothing, 10% off of costume and sterling silver jewelry, and whilst you’re shopping for the mom in your life we’re offering you 10% off all Pulse brand glass - but hey she might like that too!



Vapium Summit Weekender Edition

This month your friendly Infinity’s End staff has recommended the Vapium Summit Weekender Edition. This excellent portable vaporizer is perfect for the active smoker. Not only is this vape known for its durability –able to withstand extreme conditions and splash resistant- but it also comes with its own Solar Charger! In case you’re wondering, you can use this on most any device that uses a USB connection. The Summit Weekender Edition can also be paired with a smartphone to control temperature, session time, and boost mode. If you’re looking for a quality vaporizer to suit your active lifestyle this spring the Vapium Summit Weekender is a brilliant choice. So, take advantage of this beautiful weather and get out there with this reliable vaporizer.

Vapium Summit Weekender Edition $169.99


The Gravitron

The Gravitron

Tried and True the Gravitron Gravity Smoking System made by our friends at GravLabs offers you the gravity pipe made by professionals for pro smokers, meant to supply the heaviest of hits and biggest “wow” factor of them all. This all glass gravity pipe uses some ill science to give you the super thick efficient smoke you never knew you wanted.








Gravitron from Grav Labs from Grav Labs on Vimeo.

G-Pen Elite Edition

G-Pen Elite Edition

This just in!  A new and vastly improved GPro is now to be found in your local Infinity’s End! The New G Pen Elite Edition has the functionality we want and the sleek design we didn’t even know we needed. This model guarantees better taste with its fully ceramic oven and a long session since the chamber can hold up to .75 grams of herbs! That’s twice as much as most vapes! With its new LED interface that displays battery life and customizable temperature this new little vape has thrust itself into the lineup of best convection vaporizers.



April 2016 Specials

10% Off 4:20 Glass Cleaner, 4:20 Science Storage Jars, and Hand Blown Glass Pipes

As we welcome spring; the warm weather, the pollen, the minimalist clothing, we also begin our yearly countdown to our favorite holiday, it’s 420 baby! Infinity’s End has everything you’ll need for your 4:20 plans! And in honor of 4:20 we’ll be offering you some fresh deals on your smoking necessities like 10% off of 4:20 Glass Cleaner to keep all your pipes sparkling clean, 4:20 Science Glass Storage Jars to keep your herbs fresh, and to top it all off we’re offering you 10% off of all Handblown Glass Pipes! Come by and visit the finest smoke shop in the South East to get yourself a sick one of a kind pipe, cleaner to keep it sparklin’ and a jar to keep your herbs as fresh as the day you got them.



Evol Reclaimer Vape Blackout Edition

Evol Reclaimer Vape Blackout Edition

As if The Reclaimer by Vape Ape wasn’t cool enough with its unbreakable silicone dome and innovative heating element, the newly released Evol Reclaimer Blackout Edition manages to top the bill! This little wax pen is meant to make the most of your material with a unique ceramic heating plate, upgraded battery, and you can forever say goodbye to glass domes with the solid black silicone slim-globe. All things considered…it’s pretty dope. As a bonus, this little guy comes with an upgraded 10W adjustable battery, silicone tipped dabber, silicone mat, and container. Yeah, that sounds like a lot- because it is! Are you as excited as we are to put this pen to good use?


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