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G-Pen Elite Edition

G-Pen Elite Edition

This just in!  A new and vastly improved GPro is now to be found in your local Infinity’s End! The New G Pen Elite Edition has the functionality we want and the sleek design we didn’t even know we needed. This model guarantees better taste with its fully ceramic oven and a long session since the chamber can hold up to .75 grams of herbs! That’s twice as much as most vapes! With its new LED interface that displays battery life and customizable temperature this new little vape has thrust itself into the lineup of best convection vaporizers.



April 2016 Specials

10% Off 4:20 Glass Cleaner, 4:20 Science Storage Jars, and Hand Blown Glass Pipes

As we welcome spring; the warm weather, the pollen, the minimalist clothing, we also begin our yearly countdown to our favorite holiday, it’s 420 baby! Infinity’s End has everything you’ll need for your 4:20 plans! And in honor of 4:20 we’ll be offering you some fresh deals on your smoking necessities like 10% off of 4:20 Glass Cleaner to keep all your pipes sparkling clean, 4:20 Science Glass Storage Jars to keep your herbs fresh, and to top it all off we’re offering you 10% off of all Handblown Glass Pipes! Come by and visit the finest smoke shop in the South East to get yourself a sick one of a kind pipe, cleaner to keep it sparklin’ and a jar to keep your herbs as fresh as the day you got them.



Evol Reclaimer Vape Blackout Edition

Evol Reclaimer Vape Blackout Edition

As if The Reclaimer by Vape Ape wasn’t cool enough with its unbreakable silicone dome and innovative heating element, the newly released Evol Reclaimer Blackout Edition manages to top the bill! This little wax pen is meant to make the most of your material with a unique ceramic heating plate, upgraded battery, and you can forever say goodbye to glass domes with the solid black silicone slim-globe. All things considered…it’s pretty dope. As a bonus, this little guy comes with an upgraded 10W adjustable battery, silicone tipped dabber, silicone mat, and container. Yeah, that sounds like a lot- because it is! Are you as excited as we are to put this pen to good use?


Starbuzz Vintage Shisha

Starbuzz Vintage Shisha

Take your party to the next level and get ready for the smoke of your life with the brand new Starbuzz Vintage Shisha. The Vintage collection not only offers rich new flavors like Dark Mist, Tiramisu, and Peach Spice, but they’re made with high quality dark leaf tobacco that can put the BUZZ back in StarBUZZ.





March Specials

10% Off all Drinking Games, Glassware, and Green Glass Pipes

It’s finally time to start celebrating our favorite color y’all—GREEN! Time to stock up on green apparel and party favors! Get this--We’re celebrating St. Patty’s Day this year by offering 10% off of party supplies like Pint Glasses, Drinking Games, Shot Glasses, Beer-Bongs and 10% off any green pipe that you can find!  Yeah, that’s right. Be it a cool hand pipe, a sick water pipe, or a dope little bubbler. If it’s green, glass, and you can smoke out of it, it’s 10% off! Count on Infinity’s End to optimize your party potential for your best St. Patrick’s Day yet!




Dabology by HBG

Dabology by HBG

Dab it out in homage to the Panther’s star this season. Check out the new Dabology water pipes by HBG! So…maybe it’s not quite the same thing, but we always need another excuse to dab around! Especially with some dope American made scientific glass featuring some seriously innovative percolators.





Chick’n and Waffles Wraps

Chicken and Waffles Ya'll

We know you’ve already got somethin’ Extra-Extra-Large to share with your lover on Valentine’s Day. But stop by Infinity’s End this month and check out the sweetest XXL wrap you’ve ever tried! Check out our rockin’ staff’s sweetest pick and cuddle up with a classic Chick’n and Waffles wrap.





February Specials

10% Off all Jewelry, Vaporizers, and HBG Water Pipes

Don’t drop the ball this Valentine’s day! Come by Infinity’s End to take advantage of 10% off on Jewelry for her, Vaporizers for him, and some sick HBG water pipes for both of you! As if that wasn’t enough- We’re showing you our love by cranking up the discounts to 20% from February 12th through the 14th. So, go ahead! Wait until the last minute to show your lover that you care! Cause here at Infinity’s End, we’ve got you and your special someone covered—or uncovered if that’s what you’re into.

For her Jewelry

For him Vaporizers

For you both HBG Water Pipes

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