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Limited Edition Pax

As if the Pax2 vaporizer could get any sexier- the geniuses at Ploom have teamed up with on-the-rise superstar, The Weeknd, to release the Limited Edition Fall Madness Pax 2.  This edition is pitch black with a suggestive XO logo printed on the front and features a unique yellow LED light setting. If that wasn’t enough, this special edition powers on to the tune of his number one hit “The Hills”. Come by Infinity’s End to celebrate The Weeknd’s new Number One Album with this special edition Pax2 before they’re gone!





MOUTHPIECE - Two interchangeable mouthpieces with lip-sensing technology to optimize heat and vapor production

CUSTOM FINISH - Durable exterior, polished anodized aluminum matte black shell

LED INTERFACE - Simple design to communicate heat levels and battery life. Special LED light settings, plus, “The Hills” by The Weeknd plays as you power on

LIMITED EDITION ENGRAVING - The Weeknd’s XO logo engraved on the front, and KOTF tour name on the reverse

RECHARGEABLE BATTERY - High-capacity battery for long-lasting use, powered with USB charging cradle

STAINLESS STEEL OVEN - Deep chamber to provide consistent heat throughout material

MAGNETIC OVEN LID - Simple to open and close sub-flush lid; held in place by two powerful, neodymium magnets


Kanger Subvod Starter Kit and Toptank Nano

Are you trying to get into vaping, but don’t know where to start? Trying not to spend a small fortune? This sleek new starter kit is made for you. This easy to use device utilizes top of the line Kangertech parts, including the newest addition to the Kanger family, the Toptank Nano, and a slim Subvod battery. The Toptank Nano uses a sub-ohm coil with the 1300 mAh 30W Subvod battery to create professional level vapor clouds for the newer vape enthusiasts. The Toptank Nano features a convenient top fill design so you can fill it up without disconnecting it from the battery. So if you’re trying to get into vaping but you really don’t know where to start, come in to Infinity’s End to talk to our experienced vapers about the Kanger Subvod Starter Kit.

Features and Specs:

Kanger SUBVOD 1300mAh Battery

  • Dimensions: 3-1/2" x 3/4"
  • 510 threaded
  • Diameter: 18.5mm
  • Battery Capacity: 1300mAh
  • Output Voltage: 3.7V
  • Minimum Resistance: 0.4ohm
  • Charged via Micro USB 5V/500mA
  • Simple One Button Design
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Low Resistance Protection
  • Overcharge Protection
  • Low-Battery Warning Indicator

Kanger TOPTANK Nano

  • Dimensions: 1-3/4" x 3/4"
  • 510 Threaded
  • Diameter: 18.5mm
  • 3.2ml e-Liquid Capacity
  • Top-fill or Bottom-fill Option
  • Glass Tank
  • Adjustable Airflow Valve
  • (1) Kanger SSOCC 0.5ohm Atomizer Head Included
  • Compatible with Kanger SSOCC
  • 510 Drip Tip Compatible

January Specials

10% Off all E-Cigs and Liquids, Women's Winter Clothing, and Acrylic Water Pipes

Happy New Year everyone!  Are you ready to give up those bad habits? This month at Infinity’s End we have everything you need to keep up with your New Year’s goals. With 10% off of all Electronic Cigarettes and Liquids, Women’s Winter Clothing, and Acrylic Waterpipes you can find everything you need to become your best self. Whether you’re trying to trim your waistline, quit smoking for good, or even if you’re already perfect and just need a durable smoking accessory--- at Infinity’s End, we’ve got you covered. Don’t get blindsided next year by your forgotten New Year’s resolutions. Come and see us this month at Infinity’s End.



Torrid Electronic Nail

Torrid Wireless Electronic Nail $134.99

Hey concentrate fans! Have you been getting fed up with the nail and torch hassle? Welcome the Torrid E-nail by White Rhino. A new wireless electronic nail attachment for your water pipe makes it easy for you to dab and go without the inconvenience of constantly torching! The Torrid uses a three ceramic rods and ceramic coils that act as a super powered atomizer (like a vape pen!”) to heat your concentrates to the optimal temperature for a sizable drag.

The Torrid E-Nail is the first 100% portable and rechargeable e-nail with a built-in reclaimer for unused product. This device is a game-changer for people who prefer waxy oils. There have been a number of e-nails over the years that have been preferred by many people but these have always required a power cord and have been fairly stationary. The Torrid E-Nail is the first of its kind and will be the standard-bearer for years to come.

Torrid E-Nail will completely change how you look at e-nails and waxy oils. Finally, there will be an e-nail with the same functionality of a torch nail or plug-in nail with the portability of a vaporizer. This is what fans of waxy oils have been waiting for.

Torrid Starter Kit Includes: 1-Clear Cap 1-Torrid Built in Battery 1-Reclaimer 1-6in1 adapter 1-USB charger 2-air passage pins 1-triple coil


New in December

Puffco Vape Pen $79.99

Not all concentrate pens are the same! The Puffco Pro stands alone with its sleek, durable design, massive ceramic chamber, ceramic rod and titanium coils. All of this makes for a pen that was made to last. For a whole night out or a whole night in, The Puffco Pro was made to be stuffed full and enjoyed longer without repacking. So, go to that holiday party! You’re set for the night.

The Puffco Pro features the smallest temperature-controlled battery, and three heat settings for optimal vaping. The Puffco Pro’s long-lasting battery allows you to vape for extended periods of time without recharging. 

Wherever you’re headed, The Puffco Pro is the perfect companion for easy on-the-go vaping.



No glues, no plastics and no fibers. The Puffco Pro leads the industry by having the largest ceramic chamber. This means you wont have to refill every few pulls.The Puffco Pro has set the new standard.


The Puffco Pro’s battery allows for optimal control; click the “cloud” button five times to toggle on or off, and four times to cycle through its three color-coded temperature settings. [Low, Green; Medium, Blue; and High, Red]


Designed to be as versatile as its users The Puffco Pro has a protective UV coating and a custom designed ceramic chamber. The Puffco Pro continues to innovate in form and function.

December Specials

Every year there comes a time when we must put aside our needs and focus our energies on giving...The holidays are upon us! But forget “putting your needs aside” because this month at Infinity’s End we’re offering deals on Glassware, T-Shirts, and Soft Glass Water pipes so that while you’re out shopping for the perfect something for your friends and family—you can just happen to find a great deal on something for yourself!

 10% Off all T-Shirts, Glass Wares, and Soft Glass

November Specials

November is upon us.  The weather is changing and you will need a new baja soon.  How about a nice new hookah to warm your lungs? E-Cigs are also on special this month!

 10% Off all E cigs and E liquids, Hookahs, and Bajas

Harem Pants

We have these in a multitude of colors and prints! Comfortable and cool! Starting at $19.99

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