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April 2017 Specials

10% Off on 420 Glass Cleaner, 420 Brand Storage Jars, and Wake n Bake Mugs!

It’s finally here, April, our favorite month out of the whole year. Why, you ask? It’s 4:20! Our favorite smoker’s holiday. Stop by your local Infinity’s End this month and take advantage of 10% off 4:20 glass cleaner, 10% off of 4:20 brand glass storage jars, and 10% off of our favorite Wake and Bake mugs!






APX Wax Vape

This just in from Pulsar vaporizers, a dynamic wax pen that boasts 5-second dabs! This extremely portable little vaporizer offers many different skins and styles including glass or blackout steel mouthpieces. The affordable APX wax vaporizer features an incredible triple quartz coil to heat your concentrates quickly and tastily. If an extremely portable, fast, and easy to use vape is for you, stop by your local Infinity’s End today and ask us about this baby!

Priced at  $59.99




Tsunami High Wave

Your trusty Infinity’s End staff members have a new recommendation for you! This revolutionary wax vaporizer actually uses water filtration paired with a low temp ceramic plate atomizer to produce the coolest and tastiest vapor imaginable! So, if you’re looking for a product that delivers robust and delicious flavor, stop by and check out this cool vape!

Priced at $99.99





March 2017 Specials

10% Off on Posters and Glassware. 50% Off on Winter Clothing

Ah, March, Spring is approaching fast, and we all have an excuse to party our little green hearts out. As always, Infinity’s End has got some truly awesome deals for you-- 10% off of Posters, 10% off of all glassware so you can drink in style, and a whopping 50% off of all winter clothes!






Boundless CFX Vape

Are you a hopeless vape junkie on a budget? Come by your local Infinity’s End location to check out our newest addition to our herbal vape selection, the CFX Boundless Herbal Vaporizer. The Boundless CFX offers a crazy fast heat up time, sizable draws, and an impressive 1.7” TFT display screen; made to tailor to all of your vaping needs. This fully loaded hand held vaporizer is an affordable alternative to the Storz & Bickel Mighty.

Priced at  $169.99




February 2017 Specials

10% Off on Art Glass Water Pipes and Hand Blown Pipes. 30% Off on Evo Single, Double, and Triple Percs

It’s true what they say; all you need is love! This month we’re showing you our love by throwing some dope deals your way-- take advantage of 10% off of art glass water pipes, 10% off of handblown glass, and an epic 30% off of all single, double, and triple percolator Evo water pipes. But just in case you need a little extra help in the romance department, we’re also giving you a HUGE enhancement of our usual deals; 20% off of all jewelry from February 4th to the 14th!




DaVinci IQ

Yet again, your trustee Infinity’s End staff has your best interest in mind. This month, the Davinci IQ flower vaporizer has peaked our interest with its high tech functionality and appearance. The IQ produces pure tasty vapor and features new “smart path” technology as well as a precision mode, a boost mode, and an optional smart phone app - all enabling the user to fully customize every single session. This awe-inspiring vape is perfectly functional and beautiful with a promising 10 year warranty, a brushed finish, and 100% ceramic zerconia components. All of these make this portable vape a spectacular choice for any smoker. So, stop by your local Infinity’s End to ask one of our awesome staff members about their new favorite flower vaporizer.

Priced at $274.99

January 2017 Specials

10% Off on CBD Products, E-Cigs, Mods, and E-Liquids. 20% Off on Evo Single, Double, and Triple Percs

It’s a new year and that means a fresh start at your goals. This month at Infinity’s End we’re helping you with your new year’s resolutions by giving you 10% off on all Electronic Cigarettes and E-liquids, and 10% off of all CBD products and for the many of you who are already perfect we’re giving you 20% off of EVO brand turbine and honeycomb water pipes. So, stop by your local Infinity’s End and reward yourself for surviving the cyclone that was 2016.





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