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October 2020 Just Arrived

Smok RPM 2 Kit $39.99

What’s Included:

  • 1 x RPM 2 Device
  • 1 x RPM 2 RPM 2 Pod
  • 1 x RPM 2 RPM Pod
  • 1 x Type-C USB Cable
  • 1 x User Manual

Aspire Nautilus Prime- $34.99

Included in your Aspire Nautilus Prime kit is the 3.4ml Nautilus Prime Pod, featuring a convenient silicone-sealed side fill port and PCTG construction. To refill your Nautilus Prime Pod, just remove the pod from your Prime device, carefully lift the side fill seal and fill with e-liquid. Then gently but firmly re-seal the silicone plug, and you’re ready to vape! Be sure to allow new coils to prime (soak up e-liquid) for about five minutes after filling before you start to vape to prevent dry hits.

September 2020 Just Arrived

Cookies-X G Pen Connect Concentrate Rig Attachment $199.99

Designed with three temperature settings as well as an extended draw mode, the Connect tailors to each user’s flavor and heat preferences while accommodating a wide variety of concentrates.  The G Pen Connect Battery is packed with 850 mAh of power and uses an easy, snap-in magnetic connection for quick and effortless setup. 

The G Pen Connect offers compatible glass-on-glass attachments in 10mm*, 14mm and 18mm*, making it a well-suited partner to any female-jointed water piece. A spring-loaded carb release button creates instant airflow, allowing the chamber to be effortlessly cleared.

Cookies-X G Pen Nova Concentrate Vape $39.99

The Nova crowning achievement lies in the core of its full-ceramic atomizer, where a patented reverse airflow and ‘check’ ball valve system generates complete and balanced heat to concentrates, providing the largest output of vapor production among portable vaporization devices. 

Specially designed to minimize clogging and sticking, the Nova's sturdy mouthpiece contains a detachable stainless steel tool for seamless loading and handling of concentrates.

August 2020 Just Arrived

G Pen Roam $249.99

Introducing the G Pen Roam, an all-in-one portable vaporizer intuitively designed to provide water-filtered concentrate vaporization on-the-go.  Featuring a spill-proof, self-contained borosilicate glass hydrotube, a fully Quartz tank, and powerful 1,300mAh lithium-ion battery, the G Pen Roam heats to temperature within seconds of activation to deliver smooth and flavorful draws with ease.

July 2020 Just Arrived

G Pen Dash Dry Herb Vape $74.99

G-Pen Dash Full Specs:

  • Type- Dry Herb Vaporizer
  • Compatibility- Dry Herb
  • Warranty- 1 Year
  • Mobile App- No
  • Vibration Notif- Yes
  • Oven Material- Stainless Steel
  • Temp Settings- 375-428°F (190-220°C)
  • Heating Method- Conduction
  • Heat Up Time- 30-40 Seconds

G Pen Nova $34.99 Concentrate Vape


  • For Wax Concentrates
  • Variable Voltage (3 settings)
  • Ceramic Heating Element and Quartz Bowl
  • 300mAh Battery

June 2020 Just Arrived

Ooze Glyco Glycerin Chilled Glass Water Pipes $99.99

Have you ever added ice to your bong to make the smoke you inhale cooler and a lot less harsh on your throat? The Ooze Glyco is filled with liquid glycerin, that when frozen, is like smoking out of an entire bong made of ice!

Made from strong borosilicate glass, the colorful glycerin fills both the base and the bowl in a color that matches your style. Stick in the freezer about an hour before you plan to light up, and you’ll be enjoying the chillest hits around!

The Glyco stands 6.5” high, and includes a 14mm glycerin-filled, screened glass bowl. It features a glass percolator on your down stem to ensure you’re inhaling the smoothest hit possible. This piece is also compatible with 14mm bangers, not included.

March 2020 Just Arrived

Kandy Pens Oura $329.99

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