Which is the Best Butter Maker? | Ongrok v. Magical Butter Machine

Is the Ongrok Herbal Infuser or the Magical Butter Machine the best butter maker?

Making infused edibles can be a pain, especially if your only option is the infamous slow-cooker method, but both the Ongrok Herbal Infuser and the Magical Butter Machine make infusing butter, lotion, tinctures, and oil a breeze. But which of these two brilliant butter makers is the best bang for your buck? Let the butter battle commence!

*WARNING* Before you go any further, I would just like to point out that my Crock Pot is not even comparable to these two goliath infusers. So, no matter which one you ultimately decide to go with, it will be a vast improvement over the traditional method for infusion.

Ongrok Herbal Infuser

If you have ever tried making infused edibles, you probably went through a few batches before you figured out your way around the process. Some of you may have even felt deterred from making infusions after struggling to get consistency down. Herbal infusers make the whole process incredibly simple, taking out all the fuss to leave you with the best infused butter, oils, tinctures, and lotions possible. And all of this through the simple click of a couple buttons.

The Ongrok Herbal Infuser provides an easy user experience through its simple, sleek design. Both this device and its Magical Butter Machine counterpart stand at just a little taller than your average Keurig (with the latter coming in a little taller than the former), and both use a solid power cord that will not kink or come apart with regular use.

One huge boon for the Ongrok Herbal Infuser is that, like the Magical Butter Machine, the material used is top-quality. The Ongrok uses lab-tested material for both its infusion chamber and the housing. The buttons on top of the device are responsive and slightly raised for ease-of-use. The only real gripe that I have with the overall design of this machine is the way the top portion slots into the infusion chamber itself. Watch out for the prongs positioned on the handle of the Ongrok Herbal Infuser, as those will surely be the only major concern for its longevity.

Other than the slight qualm about connections, the Ongrok Infuser gets a glowing review, thanks to its sheer simplicity and quality construction. Plus, the company offers a risk-free guarantee directly for their product, so if any issues do arise, you can easily get them remedied through a trustworthy source.

Magical Butter Machine

Find the best butter maker between the Ongrok Herbal Infuser and the Magical Butter Machine

Now that we have talked about the Ongrok Herbal Infuser, it is time to address its competition, the running king of the herbal infuser market: the Magical Butter Machine.

What makes the Magical Butter Machine so… magical?

The Magical Butter Machine has been a staple in the herbal infuser market for a while thanks to a couple factors. It was one of the first effective infusers to come out, making it a go-to for many herb enthusiast home cooks. On top of being first-to-market, the Magical Butter Machine offers a slew of features making it a phenomenal option for making awesome and heavy-hitting butter, oil, tinctures, and even lotion easily.

Like the Ongrok, the Magical Butter Machine is a completely automatic botanical extractor and infuser that is capable of making quite large batches of infused products with the click of a button. Both of these herbal infusers offer immersion blending capabilities to keep the final product smooth and consistent while reducing the amount of prep work you have to do beforehand.

The only downside for the Magical Butter Machine, and something that the Ongrok also suffers from, is the lack of a built-in decarb box. If you have ever made edibles before, you know that you must first decarboxylate the herb, usually done by baking the product off before throwing it in the infuser. This brings out the natural oils of the herb, thus allowing the machine to easily extract and infuse your butter, oil, or tincture. Luckily, the same minds behind the Magical Butter Machine also offer the DecarBox, which yet simplifies the infusion process.

Which Butter Maker is the Best?

Whether you are trying to track down the best herbal infuser available, or you are just trying to find something better than the tedious and inconsistent old-school Crock Pot infusion method, both the Ongrok Herbal Infuser and Magical Butter Machine will blow you away. They are consistent pricewise and offer the same range of applications, so it is difficult to pinpoint a clear winner. Since the Magical Butter Machine has been the reigning champ for so long, I figure maybe it is time to usurp the throne. I vote for the Ongrok Herbal Infuser to take the crown. If you are with me, give this awesome herbal infuser a try the next time you want to make some butter, oil, tinctures, or even infused lotion.